The Team

Directordavebinney - Dave Binney

This is my second year as “The Director” for the Two Seater Competition but always under the watchful eye and direction of,” John Norman (now taking life easy & competing!!) The recipe for TSC works and in my Yorkshire logic “if it aint broke why fix it” so it will be more of the same and any small changes, due to your good feedback last year, will hopefully be subtle!


Assistant Directorandybutler - Andy Butler

Known to many as “Little Boss” Andy have been involved in TSC for many more years that he cares to remember. As well as being a past Director himself, Andy brings not only a wealth of both Gliding and TSC knowledge but he is also the one calming influence behind the whole proceedings!!

Meteorology - Steve Wilkinsonstevewilks

A new weather man for this year.  Mr Wilkinson will be attempting to break all records and bring good news every day.  Ah! ...  but Steve has a hidden weapon in the form of his friend T' Met man.  Hard to get hold becasue no one knows where he lives!?   Will be see him again this year???? 

Task Setter - Martin Boultonmartinboulton

The “Doctor” but don’t rush with your broken limbs, he can’t stand the sight of blood, he is a Dr of Physics!! So he really is the brains behind the operation!! Martin in the one to turn to if you think you are up to “discussing” your scores, your handicap or your turn points and then pitting your mathematical wit against his!!

Scorer - Martin Perrymartinperry

Martin is all round “Mr I.T.” A wiz on all the various back room computers, assisting with Met, Briefing Prep, Scoring and generally covering for the “oldies” who think “Windows” are for looking out of  to see if there are any Cumulus!! (The one sitting in front)

Tug Master - Eddie Roomeddieroom

The hero of every TSC. Without him, his flying and his organisational skills, TSC would be pretty boring when we’re all sat on the grid Dawn till Dusk!! Don’t forget to keep on the right side of him, you don’t want to hear his laugh from 800 feet as he circles the field you want him to pick you up from!! (The one sat up)

Grid and Launch Marshal - Andy MacDonaldandymacdonald

After many years of tip top service as a Grid and Launch Marshal Bernie has decided to take a year off and hand over the big responsibility of organising and controlling activities at such a crucial time in any comp.   So a BIG thank you to Bernie for your years of service with with a smile...most of the time :)

So please welcome Andy to the grid and behave for him!! Not wanting to break all links with tradition Andy continues the theme adopted by TSC launch Marshalls in being short in stature and of well rounded proportions. Good luck Andy!!"

Electronics - Bob Kirbitsoneddieroom

Some call him “Mr PA”, some “Mr Amplifier”, some “Mr Microphone” or “Mr Radio” but basically if it makes a noise Bob will have crossed its wires, tinkered with it and made it work!! Oh he flies a tug as well so be nice to him becasue like Eddie he can also laugh at you from 800 feet!!  (The one chilling out)

Control - Mark Cass and Sarah Sheardmarkcass

“Loves young dream” They have done such a good job last year, and they are back for more.  Responsible for Control, so don’t stress them, don’t all talk at once and form an orderly queue for your loggers!! But do go and ask them awkward questions and do feel free to leave charity donations with them!!

Accounts - Karen Binneykarenbinney

 What can I say, not a lot without getting into trouble!! Miss “Have you paid yet”!! Sorry, but if not she will chase you mercilessly until you clear your account. Don’t forget, she is happiest when she has your Credit Card details!!! Karen also doubles up as “The voice of Poc radio” so don’t talk about her with the PTT switch stuck!!

Web - Charles Bonelloccb

Update the Two Seater Competition web site, no problem, a 5 minute job said Charles.  Turns out it takes months!   “Mr WWW” also produced last years web site.  Another good job, new ideas, fabulous presentation, and so user friendly. We even have our very own TSC blog, whatever one of those is!?

Catering - Anne WilsonAnne Wilson

“Mother” as I call her, but that’s just to get an extra helping of pudding!! Anne really is remarkable serving Michelin star food from dawn till dusk, that’s Michelin the chef, not the one that makes the tyres!! But thanks to Anne we all go home happy, well fed, and a few pounds heavier!! She wrote the saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”!!

Office - Tonita Daytonita

Our unsung hero, covering the myriad of back room jobs that need to be done to support any competition and still keep the club functioning.  Not only does Tonita run the office she also puts up with the incessant comings and goings of stressed out “Team TSC” members!!

Rope Runners and more... - Many and Variedroperunners

There are many many people, carrying out many many jobs, far to many and varied to mention, but without them the competition would never function. We are grateful to every one of them. (Just watch out for this one, she looks vicious!!)

Air Traffic Liaison and Airfield Safety - Steve HuntSteveHunt

Steve, an accomplished competition pilot himself.  This is his second TSC and he will have your safety at heart.  After his early morning task of telling various Air Traffic Units where you might be heading during the day, he will don his florescent jacket and be seen keeping the airfield safe, keeping our visitors out of harms way and spotting for any indiscretions, which after correcting, will inevitable result in a fine at the next briefing. 
Seriously, its a hugely important task and Steve will appreciate your co-operation. He does not have a very loud voice but if he shouts please take notice, he means it, in the nicest possible way!

David Procter

Control - Dave Proctor

In Control of Control and he has Control.  Another new member to the Team is David. 

Whether its loggers, T shirts, advice, land outs, payment of charity debts or anything else that makes this competition tick David and his team will be happy to help!!

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