GASCo Safety Evening 2018 - Save the day!

Save the day!

Saturday 17 February 2018 19.00 at the

Wolds GC Clubhouse,

The Airfield,


the 2018 GASCo Safety Evening

“Aware Today – Alive Tomorrow”


GASCo Flyer 2017 lr

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Teenager soars to national gliding glory

Congratulations to Joel Hallewell, a Junior member at Wolds GC Pocklington, for his success in winning the Advanced Trophy at the British Glider Aerobatic Championship at with the highest score ever by a British pilot at that level. Joel featured in the Pocklington Post, other Yorkshire papers, on local radio and in the national Sailplane and Gliding magazine for his remarkable achievement at only 16, just two years after he flew his first solo flight on his fourteenth birthday at Pocklington.

 Next comes the World Championships in 2018 and you can help Joel on his way at


Pock Post Joel aero champ Sep 17 compSG Oct 17001 Joel Aeros comp

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Huttons Ambo village evening visit to Wolds GC

A group from Huttons Ambo village near Malton came on an evening visit to try gliding at Wolds GC earlier this year and wrote up their visit on their village website.

You can see the full story at

Huttons Ambo 1

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"... there's no upper age limit."

As the BGA says “... there is no upper age limit for gliding”. This year our visitors at Pocklington have included Doug, 93, Harry, 90, Alice, 90, and, most recently, Jean, 88. They had all received gliding vouchers to celebrate their various birthdays. Harry and Alice were also doing it to support good causes – Harry raising almost £1,000 for Lupus UK and Alice more than £1,500 for Arthritis Research UK.

No age limit names 2

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32nd Two-Seater Comp – the last post...

When the dust settled after the 32nd Two-Seater Competition there was one major trophy still to be awarded, the Pete Redshaw Trophy, donated by Lakes GC, for the Most Meritorious Flight during the competition. For 2017 it goes to Steve Nock for the Janus TV’s day winning flight down the Trent Valley to Belvoir Castle. The trophy will be personally delivered to Steve by Wolds GC chairman Steve Wilkinson.

TSC 2017 Winners Steve Nock

Devon and Somerset’s team have again produced their own account of the competition, much influenced perhaps by the application of the “waters of Jura” which flow liberally in their narrative which can be read at

The prize winners for the competition days and overall winners are summarised below.

  1st 2nd 3rd Best Wood Best Intermediate
Day 1
Sun 20 Aug
Chris Fox
Bob Bromwich
Kristina Samuels
John Pursey
Colin Metcalfe
Day 2
Mon 21 Aug
Kristina Samuels
Mike Weston
Brian Scougall
John Pursey
Mike Jordy
Day 3
Fri 25 Aug
Kristina Samuels
Mike Weston
Christopher Aldiss
Bob Playle
Mike Jordy
Day 4
Sat 26 Aug
Tom Pavis
Bob Bromwich
Mike Weston
Chris Boyle
Colin Metcalfe
Day 5
Sun 27 Aug
Sam Roddie
Brian Scougall
John Collins
John Pursey
Sam Roddie
Competition 94
Bob Bromwich
Kristina Samuels
Brian Scougall
John Pursey
Mike Jordy

TSC 2017 Winners 94

TSC 2017 Winners 2nd TV

TSC 2017 Winners 3rd

TSC 2017 Winners Best Wood


TSC 2017 Winners Int

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32nd Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition

Sunday 20 August 2017 sees the start of the 32nd Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition.

Daily news about the competition can be found through this link:

On flying days you can follow progress of the (Flarm equipped) gliders on the website,-0.69991&z=10&s=1&u=i



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32nd Two-Seater Competition - rolling daily news

Sunday 27 August 18.00 Close

With all the results in competition director John Norman thanked all those that had contributed to the success of another Two-Seater Comp, with five days of racing. He presented the day and final competition prizes. Best wood today was BBV and GBV won both the intermediate and overall classes for the day. Lloyd Finlay was elected to describe his flight today, which he did, explaining that it was his first competitive cross country flight and that he had been ably assisted by Sam Roddie.

TSC 2017 Sun II Close Lloyd

For the competition the best wood class was won by BBB (John Pursey), intermediate by JAX (Mike Jordy) and overall winner was Bob Bromwich's 94, with TV second and XX third. Accepting the trophy Bob declared himself "dumbfounded" to have beaten TV after a day when he went to Goole and back and took a restart.

TSC 2017 Sun II Close

The next briefing will be next year.....

Sunday 27 August 17.00 Day 5

All competition gliders accounted for. Among the gliders completing the full task was Wolds ASK21 GBV piloted by Sam Roddie and Lloyd Finlay.

TSC 2017 Sun II 16.15

Sunday 27 August 15.00 Day 5

Gliders turning Gainsborough and Kirton and on track for home. Some that have done shorter tasks safely landed at Pocklington. A handful of landouts reported so far.

TSC 2017 Sun II StG 15.00


Sunday 27 August 13.00 Day 5

Grid launched in fifty minutes from 11.50.

TSC 2017 Sun Launch 1

Several gliders have turned Goole with 563 furthest on track having made Beverley

TSC 2017 Sun II StG 13.00

Sunday 27 August 10.30 Day 5

The stress may be getting to scorer Martin who appeared to have laid in supplies to get him through the briefing.

TSC 2017 Sun Martin

Derrick announced that Saturday had been a good day with winners wood FYR, intermediate Z35 and overall KAX. Tom Pavis described his flight saying he just followed his leader (into cloud), some chap called Tim Milner apparently. The scores are close after Day 4 with TV leading 94 then CUS.

TSC 2017 Sun Tim P

After a short auction of some classic gliding texts by Derrick in aid of YAA Bill appeared to riotous applause (at the second attempt) and proceeded to once again forecast a good but short day. Andy set tasks POC GO2 BEV SCU GA2 KIR POC 180 km.

Sunday 27 August 08.30

Another suspension of news yesterday due to an unscheduled visit to a field for a retrieve. For the first time in several years the second Sunday of TSC has started bright – gridding on 31 before briefing.

TSC 2017 Sun II 08.30

Saturday 26 August 2017 13.00

Grid started launching at 11.45 and completed at 12.40.

TSC 2017 Sat Launch 13.00

Sky looking better south and east gliders on track into Lincolnshire.

TSC 2017 Sat StG 13.00

Saturday 26 August 2017 11.00

At the briefing John John announced yesterday’s winners as Wood BUR, Intermediate JAX and overall TV (again) and Steve Nock described how they did it (again).

TSC 2017 Sat brief

Derrick took the baton as today’s comp drector, Bill described the weather as “possibly the best we’ve seen this week” and Andy has set tasks to the south as far as Belvoir POC BUS GA2 LSW BVR GOO PCT POC 293 km.

TSC 2017 Sat grid

Saturday 26  August 2017 09.00

A bright clear morning over the Wolds and the Vale of York. Briefing at 10.00, gridding now on 31.

TSC 2017 Sat 08.00 lr

Friday 25 August 2017 16.30

After delivering his met brief Bill was subjected to a re-enactment of the stoning of Hope the Hermit which unfortunately was not caught on camera. Andy stepped in to set tasks to POC TOC BEV SCU GAI TUJ BOT. The grid launched from 12.00. It was clear (well it was murky, actually) that reaching TOC was going to be a challenge for some of us. There was a reunion of a number of comp gliders, including your correspondent’s, on the runway at Rufforth and others were down at Elvington.

TSC 2017 Fri  Rufforth

Nevertheless some gliders did make it further and by 16.30 Spot the Gliders was looking like this

TSC 2017 Fri  StG 16.30

Friday 25 August 2017 09.30

Another bright, still morning – still enough for balloons to be up early. Briefing at 10.00, gridding on 31.

TSC 2017 Fri  08.30

Thursday 24 August 2017 1500

There might be an alternative version of Hope the Hermit’s chorus that goes

“Yet the brightest morn
Often heralds in the dullest day”
Tasks were set as far as Tontine Inn and the grid was in place but the sky had clouded over and at about 14.00 the day was scrubbed.
Ever optimistic Team JAV declared through chattering teeth that they were going flying anyway....

TSC 2017 Thurs Scrub

Wednesday 23 August 2017 12.00

Folowing a thunderstorm and with no prospect of cloud clearing for a while the day has been scrubbed

TSC 2017 Weds Scrub

Wednesday 23 August 2017 10.30

This morning’s photo looks a bit clearer than Tuesday’s – you can at least make out the Wolds (just).

TSC 2017 Weds Gliders 2

At the 10.00 briefing Punxsutawney Bill emerged, declared that he couldn’t see his own shadow, and forecast that spring would soon be on its way, possibly as early as 14.00 today. He had spurned the Met Office view and preferred to rely on the teaching of Hope the Hermit (see TSC Daily News 2015 for a full description of Hope’s method). Here’s Bill doing the shadow check.

TSC 2017 Weds Bill shadow

With ruthless efficiency John (he's the other Comp Director) announced the day might be scrubbed, with a further briefing at 12.30. Had another Groundhug Day begun? Meanwhile Layton and Tony arrived with their surfboards on the car, having heard a mention of wave the other day.

TSC 2017 Weds Layton Tony 2

Tuesday 22 August 2017 10.00

With gliders parked up on a grey day at Pocklington ....

TSC 2017 Tuesday 10.00

... Derrick Roddie presented the prizes to yesterday’s winners Wood BBB, Intermediate JAX, Hotships TV. TV’s Steve Nock described their flight in through mixed conditions in which they managed to complete Task F (POC GOO FRI MAL NDU SOF POC)

TSC 2017 Tuesday TV

Bill strove to put the forecast in the best light possible, predicting that conditions would improve to “awful” by the afternoon but warned they might deteriorate again after that.

Day scrubbed.


Monday 21 August 2017 Day 2

For technical reasons, the indisposition of our correspondent, who had gone to visit a field near Goole, the Day 2 report is late....

Day 2 started with a new Comp Director, the second in two days, and Derrick Roddie stepped up to the plate.

Derrick Day 2

Day 1 winners were Wood BBB, Intermediate Z35, Hotships 563. Met man Bill and task setter Andy were complimented on an excellent job which saw all available tasks being completed by at least one glider.

With an even shorter window predicted on Day 2 the grid started launching at 12.00 and, with seven tugs in action, finished at 12.48.

Day 2 gris lr

By 14.00 gliders which had managed to turn the first point at Goole N were finding better conditions as they went north (POC GOO FRI NDU....) but Goole had already accounted for several land outs.

TSC 2017 Monday  14.00

Sunday 20 August 2017 Day 1 17.15

Met man Bill's "small window" stayed open longer than some might have expected and the last gliders have now landed back at Pocklington following some notable flights. There are two or three that have had to be retrieved but most teams completed a task.

Sun Day 1 17.15

Sunday 20 August 2017 Day 1 13.30

Bill predicted a "small window" from 12.00 on and Andy set tasks to Beverley Scunthorpe and into Lincolnshire. The grid launched from 11.55 on and the gliders are spread out on track with FYR already back from Beverley.

Here's a cheerful Graham Wadforth getting ready to sniff the air

Day 1 Grid sniffer

.... and here's the state of play at 13.30

Sun Day 1 13.30

Saturday 19 August 2017

Tomorrow sees the start of the 32nd Wolds Gliding Club Two-Seater Competition. With over thirty entries ranging from Blaniks and Capstans to the modern machines in the “Hotships” category there will be tasks to suit all. And lurking in the background on the glider park  is last year’s winner HNA.....

Saturday pm

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Plan for homes rejected as ‘aircraft could crash into them’

Hull Daily Mail (25 July 2017) reported on the ERYC planning committee meeting which refused the resubmitted application to build houses close to the main runway at Wolds GC’s Pocklington airfield

Hull DM POC 1 170725 lr

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ERYC rejects development of POC 1 (again)

On Thursday 20 July 2017 the ERYC Planning Committee unanimously REFUSED the resubmitted application for a housing development on land just beyond the threshold of the main runway at Wolds GC’s Pocklington airfield.

In refusing the application ERYC reiterated the local and regional importance of Wolds GC as a recreational and economic asset.

Decision 2 POC 1 lr

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Concern over building plan

The Pocklington Post published this item about the threat to Pocklington airfield operations from a proposed development on the approach/departure path for the main runway. Ironically it appeared in the paper opposite the previous story in “Press and Reviews” about how we are training world class pilots at Wolds GC!

Pock Post New Threat 170601004 lr

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Sky's the limit for Wilberfoss teenager Joel

The Pocklington Post published this story about Wolds GC junior member Joel Hallewell’s ambition to compete in the 2018 World Glider Aerobatics Championship.

Pock Post Joel aeros 170601005 lr

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Teenager Chris soars to maiden solo flight

Chris Edmunds recently  flew his first solo on his fourteenth birthday at Wolds GC, Pocklington, and his achievement was reported by the Pocklington Post and the York Press.

Please note that the Taster Day on 24 June referred to has been cancelled for operational reasons.

CE Pock Post 170518 lr

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New threat to Wold GC's Pocklington airfield

Barely a year ago East Riding Council of Yorkshire Council rejected a planning application to build a housing estate just beyond the threshold of runway 18 of Wolds GC’s airfield at Pocklington. The same application has now been resubmitted (as application 17/01421/STOUT). If this application is approved it will almost certainly bring to an end national competitions like the annual two-seater competition at Pocklington. It might even lead to the closure and loss of the airfield, after 50 years of development to national importance in gliding. It is the East Riding’s only gliding site.

If you don’t think this is a good idea and you want to see gliders continuing to fly in East Yorkshire please make your objections to this planning application (you will need to register) at

or you can write to the case officer, Mrs Susan Hunt at  East Riding Of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Cross Street Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 9B, quoting the application reference.

TSC Grid 2016

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Wolds GC goes national on BBC Yorkshire Wolds Way programme

Viewers throughout the country will have an opportunity to see gliding at Pocklington on tv when the second part of the BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire programme about the Yorkshire Wolds Way airs nationally on BBC 2 at 20.00 on Saturday 20th May (England and Scotland, other times Wales and NI). The programme will then be available on iPlayer.

Find out about ten Hidden Treasures of the Wolds, including our airfield at Pocklington, on the BBC website at

Paul Rose BBC

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Can you help Joel get to Zbraslavice?

Joel Hallewell, 15, a junior member of Wolds GC, and parents Andrea and Neil, were interviewed on BBC Radio York this week. Joel learned to glide at Pocklington and flew his first solo there on his fourteenth birthday. Since then he has developed a passion for the very specialised sport of glider aerobatics – so much so that he is aiming to be able to compete in the 2018 World Glider Aerobatic Championships in Zbraslavice, Czech Republic. It was his glider aerobatics and ambitions to get to the World Championships that he was being interviewed about.

You can hear the interview on BBC iPlayer at at 1h 49m into the programme.

Joel aeros

You can see a short video of Joel flying aerobatics on the BBC York Facebook page at and more on YouTube - search for Joel Hallewell_Aerobatics.

Joel is fundraising at the moment to be able to get to the World Championships. If you would like to see more of Joel’s story and help him get to the 2018 World Glider Aerobatic Championships go to the crowd funding page  at

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A flying start for 2017 gliding courses

A bright and breezy Monday in April saw the first course of 2017 underway at Pocklington. This year’s courses are being run by instructor and tug/motor glider pilot Steve Wilkinson and instructor and winch driver Bernie Svenson. There’s a course every month during the summer and a course is the ideal way to get a flying start if you want to take up gliding.

And to show how gliding appeals to people with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds this course has members who are a student, a teacher/youth worker and a retired bank manager respectively.

For more information on gliding courses at Wolds GC, Pocklington see

Course Apr 17

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The Wolds Way - Wolds GC in S&G April/May 2017

The April/May 17 issue of Sailplane and Gliding published Wolds GC Chairman Graham Wadforth’s observations on being involved in the filming of the BBC Look North programme about the Yorkshire Wolds Way – you can just see him in the rear seat behind presenter Paul Rose in the main photo.

The programme was transmitted locally on BBC One Yorks and Lincs in January 2017 and a national transmission on BBC 2 is anticipated in early spring 2017.

SandG Wolds Way comp

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"It's a fun event.... and we like winning" says Gordon on TV

Wolds GC featured in BBC North's Inside Out programme on 20th January. Two days filming during last year's Two-Seater Competition produced seven minutes on screen with cameo appearances by Chairman Graham Wadforth and also Eddie Room but the new star was Gordon Basey. Interviewed by presenter Paul Rose about prospects for the day's racing Gordon, who has flown in the competition for many years, said "We always fancy our chances. It's a fun event... and we like winning". You can watch the programme, which will be shown again nationally on BBC 2 later in the year, on BBC iplayer at

Graham Wadforth glider instructor

Eddie Room tug pilot

Gordon Basey glider pilot

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BBC North ‘Inside Out’ at Wolds GC

Cast your mind back to the warm summer days of last year’s Two-Seater Competition at Wolds GC, Pocklington. You’ll remember that a BBC North crew with presenter Paul Rose was making programmes about the Wolds Way and some of the things that go on along and around it for the ‘Inside Out’ series. They spent a couple of days at Wolds GC filming on the ground, in the air and interviewing competitors and Club members during the Two-Seater Competition. The programmes are scheduled to air on BBC 1 Yorkshire and Lincolnshire at 19.30 on Friday 13th January 2017 and Friday 20th January. The gliding features in the second programme on Friday 20th January. A national transmission on BBC 2 is anticipated in late February or early March. So take your seats for 20th January and find out who becomes a tv star and who gets left on the cutting room floor from all the footage that was shot!

Final Adjustments 03

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Gliding club donate £2,000 to YAA

Last month the Pocklington Post published an article about our fundraising for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance at this year's Two-Seater Competition and Annette Bendelow's sponsored running in the YorkMarathon series. In addition a further £100 has been donated through John Pursey of Devon and Somerset Gliding Club who "enthused by ale and fund raising for YAA" at the Two-Seater Competition was challenged by his friend Lin of Knaresborough, to lose a stone in eight weeks - and he actually lost eighteen pounds.Pock Post 27-Oct-16 YAA Donation comp

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