Entrants 2012


Those magnificent men and their green flying machines...

NameSurnameGliderTypeHome Club
Bob Bromwich    94 DG500SL Bannerdown Gliding Club
Jim Ashcrost KHK Duo Discus T Bowland Forest Gliding Club
Dave Bell A26 Nimbus 3DT Burn Gliding Club
Mike Weston 572 Duo Discus Cotswolds Gliding Club
Rob Grant Y44 Nimbus 3DT Darlton Gliding Club
Craig Hobson DTC Janus B Darlton Gliding Club
Rob Dunthorne     BPS Capstan Deeside Gliding Club
Graham     Mann LJE Ash 25 Deeside Gliding Club
Dave Bailey KHW    Puchaz Derby & Lancs Gliding Club
John Colins HNA DG500 Derby & Lancs Gliding Club
Pete Redshaw A23 Capstan Lakes Gliding Club
John Dunnington    977 Duo Discus T Scotish Gliding Union
Chris Fox 563 Duo Discus T Shropshire Gliding Club
Richard Large D6 DG1000T Soarting Centre
Rod Walker 2UP Duo Discus T Southdown Gliding Club
Andrew Wood WE4        Duo Discus T Southdown Gliding Club
Chas Cowley HB1 Duo Discus The Gliding Centre
Mike Costin EF DG1000T The Gliding Centre
Team Jav JAV K21 Wolds Gliding Club
Team Jax JAX K21 Wolds Gliding Club
Team Gbv GBV K21 Wolds Gliding Club
Team Jrf JRF Puchaz Wolds Gliding Club
Team Axj AXJ Eagle Wolds Gliding Club
Gordon Basey GJB Duo Discus XLT         Wolds Gliding Club
Bill Young 907 Ash Wolds Gliding Club
Terry Winn JXB Marianne Wolds Gliding Club
Pete Arthur ORA DG500 York Gliding Club
Terence Newby FYR Blanik York Gliding Club
Richard Short JKV Twin Acro II Welland Gliding Club
Bob Playle BUR Capstan Shenington Gliding Club
Colin Metcalf Z35 Marianne Trent Valley Gliding Club

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