Sunday 30 Aug scrubs and TSC 2015 closes

Just as predicted Carol’s warm front took its toll. Despite the warm sunshine of mid-morning the high cover began to thicken and at 13.00 the final day of TSC 2015 was scrubbed. The sniffer reported earlier turned out, in fact, to be a glider returning home without waiting for what it considered to be the inevitable. The heat haze over the grid was clearly just a mirage.....

Sunday mirage comp

.... and back at the hangar our crack team of tuggies were forced to put on brave faces as they held back their tears of disappointment.

Sunday tuggies comp

A full report of the closing will follow but you won't be surprised to hear that it includes BBB getting more prizes.

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Sunday 30 Aug briefs and grids

The final briefing. BBB picked up their daily prize. Bill appeared for the met briefing in a thick overcoat to wax lyrical about Carol’s warm front though was clearly disappointed at not having seen her today. Despite seeing the Tigers win 2-0 yesterday he was unable to bring himself to use the “o” word. It was left to Andy Melville to say that we had to be “optimistic” as he produced another set of tasks around the Vale of York.

The procession to the grid has begun and a sniffer looks to have just gone past the window.

Grid Sunday comp

Down at the grid Derrick Roddie (l) was reflecting on how he had started all this just 30 years ago as he admired launch marshal Andy McDonald's splendid aerial array.

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Sunday 30 Aug about to brief

For the first time at TSC 2015 the state of the art Wolds GC X-Wind Indicator hangs limp on its pole....

Windsock Sun comp

..... while the wind turbines stand idle and over the Drax special lift generator the plumes rise vertically into the still air of a late summer morning, but there's been no request to grid before the briefing at 10.00 local.

Drax comp

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Saturday 29 Aug scrubbed

Well, it looked alright in parts and at 14.00 the sniffer went again but it just wasn't quite good enough and the day was scrubbed. The photo summary says it all.

Sat scrub comp

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Saturday 29 Aug: All gridded up but.....

So it’s Saturday. All gridded up but we are stood down for at least half an hour. A pattern is emerging at the briefings. BBB collected their prize for the best performance of Day 4. HNA gave us the story of their epic flight and advertised a (different) vario. Bill remarked that the met looked the same as yesterday. Andy is sending us to Tocwith, Castle Howard, Burn, Malton and Goole N. The sniffer sniffed and turned his nose up so Eddie, our tugmaster, decided to return to the clubhouse in style in the Cub.

Eddie tug

It’s the 50th anniversary this year of the “Warminster Thing” . The BBC said “The reports of the UFO, known as "The Warminster Thing", came from many people who heard mysterious sounds and saw objects in the night sky in 1965.” The “Pocklington Thing” was reported overhead and seen by many pilots and crew this morning. A communication has been received by wireless telegraphy.....

Grid from drone comp

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Friday 28 Aug, Day 4 close

Well, it was a lovely morning for launching into  a cumulus laden sky , typical of so many that we have here at Wolds GC at this time of year......

Day 4 launch comp

.....and it was a lovely evening, with all the gliders tucked up cosy and warm as the barbecue smoke wafted across the site from all sides....

Day 4 Dusk


.... but sometime in between it had all been very different. The first sign that something more significant than a modest shower had passed by was when Bernie Svenson came into the clubhouse looking as if he was warming up for a wet T-shirt contest. For a moment the awful possibility that someone, having seen Steve Wilkinson's bronzed torso in a previous posting, really had arranged auditions for a Wolds GC "Calendar Boys" fund raising publication seemed to have become a reality. Meanwhile gliders were disappearing from Spot the Gliders! at an alarming rate. For a while after dinner (or lunch, as they say at L*sh*m) Pock looked like about the last place you'd want to be heading for as the rain passed through. At 15.30, when your correspondent set off to look for a glider in some very long grass at Leconfield MoD base  (sorry, no photos, Official Secrets Act and all that) only a handful were still airborne. But by then, apart from HNA, all the gliders that were to return to Pocklington having completed tasks were already there......

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Friday 28 Aug, Day 4 has launched

Day 4 started launching at 11.12 after gridding up before the 10.00 briefing. Bill Young had given his usual met brief of south westerly winds, good cloudbase, decent lift, random showers etc. In fact he only seems to have one met brief. Sometimes it looks as if he uses bits of the day before’s and he claims to have forgotten to change the date. Task setter Andy Melville has sent them to Thirsk, Malton, Humber Bridge, Gainsborough and Newark.

It’s been pointed out that we’d never get anywhere without the tugs and their pilots so here’s a picture of Bob Kirbitson in the Pawnee waiting for his next customer this morning.Not sure what's behind him but there's obviously something in the mirror that's grabbed his attention.

Bob K D4 comp

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Nah, he is just fascinated with the handsome guy with the distinguished beard!... Read More
Friday, 28 August 2015 16:35
Steve Hunt
Oh well, I blame the pneumonia....doh, technology again.
Friday, 28 August 2015 16:40
Steve Hunt
Nah, he is just fascinated with the handsome guy with the distinguished beard!... Read More
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What happened to Thursday 27 Aug, Day 3?

We were off the air yesterday, being in the air, but more of that later. On Day 3 at least a dozen gliders completed task E. BBB won the day again amongst the wooden ships and came seventh overall, leading comp director John Norman to suggest that there would be an inspection of the glider for hidden engines. 94 won the day overall and Bob Bromwich stepped forward, hesitated, getting a round of applause before he got into his stride with his analysis of the day, promptly lost his place in the script and went straight to the adverts for varios, causing John Norman to scratch his head (his own head, not Bob’s).

Friday Bob B

Not everyone had such a good day. Here is what is probably known as a “selfie” in the modern vernacular. It was a lovely day to visit the Yorkshire Wolds and above the rolling countryside you can see a typical sky that we experience all through the summer here making those Two-Seater Comp tasks such a joy.

Wolds selfie


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Wednesday 26 Aug Day 2 Launches

25 gliders were launched between 14.14 and 15.09. Spot the Gliders says it all. They are back on the ground, some in fields, but by 16.30 re-lights were going off as the sky has opened up a bit, though the strong southerly winds continue but may be moderating. Control assures me that the mysterious b9 is a motor glider..... (and the marked points are only an artist's impression of where the turnpoints are, but in the circumstances their exact whereabouts is purely academic)

Day 2 StG 1


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Wednesday 26 Aug Briefs...

.... and they are going south, visiting Goole, Burton on Stather, Gainsborough, Newark and Belvoir.

Best performance by a wooden ship yesterday was BBB who almost managed Sutton Bank but thought better of it when they found they were looking the White Horse in the eye. 563 won the day, deciding to return to Pock rather than trying for Helmsley after turning Market Weighton via North Allerton and Harrogate.

First launch  anticipated 11.30 local.


 Day 4 Briefs comp


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Wednesday 26 Aug Dawns....

Well presumably it did.....  We will be gathering shortly to sing the words of the not very well known folk song "Hope the Hermit" once we have identified a suitable white haired and clear eyed candidate to fit the bill.

Day 4 Hope comp


Once in a blythe greenwood
Lived a hermit wise and good
Whom the folks from far and near
For his council sought,
Knowing well that what he taught
The dreariest of hearts would cheer.
Though his hair was white
His eye was clear and bright,
And he thus was ever wont to say:
Though to care we are born,
Yet the dullest morn
Often heralds in the fairest day!

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Tuesday 24 Aug Day 1 Close

Control have counted them all out and counted them all in again.

There were 12 landouts of competition gliders on day 3.

Results coming shortly on the Results blog page

Control Day 3 Close comp


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Tuesday 25 Aug Day 1 13.45

With at least four gliders on the ground here's the Spot the Gliders picture compared with Task C Pocklington - Sutton Bank - North Allerton - Harrogate N - PockDay 3 StG 13.45 Task 2

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Tuesday 25 Aug Day 1 Launches

The tugs lined up....

Day 3 Tugs comp


.... and launched 28 two-seaters in 53 minutes from 11.21 local to 12.15......

Day 3 launch 2 comp

.... under the watchful eye of launch marshal Andy MacDonald

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Tuesday 25 Aug Briefs and the scorer is ready....

With tasks set by Andy Melville to Sutton Bank, North Allerton, Harrogate and an option to Helmsley and Bill Young predicting a four hour window for soaring it's the first chance for scorer Martin Perry to look forward to some action.

Day 3 Martin comp

The grid was set up on 18 before the briefing and first launch is anticipated at 11.00 local

Day 3 Grid comp

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Monday 24 Aug Scrubbed - local soaring available

All gridded up......

Day 2 Grid

... but nowhere to go. After two goes round by sniffer Mike Fox and some thoughtful squinting at the last cumulus cloud in East Yorkshire competition director John Norman said "The cloudbase is too low for competition but local soaring is available" and the day was scrubbed at 13.00

Day 2 Scrub comp

Task setter Andy Melville (l), sniffer Mike Fox, competition director John Norman and Steve Ruffell, sniffer's ballast, consider the sky after the first sniffer flight.

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Monday 24 Aug - the forecast

Today we focus on our met man Bill Young. Having been a season ticket holder with Hull City for many years Bill is an optimist by nature and he used the word "optimistic" freely in his met briefing this morning. Indeed he went as far as describing the RASP 2 star forecast for an hour around noon as "reasonable". A sniffer is expected to launch at about 12.00

Bill comp Day 2



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Sunday 23 Aug Scrubbed

Having reviewed the situation and Bill's forecast Competition Director John Norman said "It's scrubbed"

Day 1 Windsock

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TSC 2015 Opens - Sunday 23 Aug Briefing

The 2015 Two-Seater Competition was opened at 10.00 today by Pocklington's mayor Martin Ratcliffe.


Mayor comp

Martin welcomed all the competitors and crews to Pocklington and introduced them to the many delights of the area

Briefing Day 1

The highlight of the briefing was Bill Young's met report of a forecast zero star day with 40 knot easterlies at 3000 feet and thermalling heights up to 2500 feet which clearly amused task setter Andy Melville (l) and competition director John Norman

Andy John Day 1

A sniffer will launch soon to test the air and see if it's as good as Bill's prediction.....


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TSC 2015 Social Programme

There is a full social programme for the Two-Seater Competition 2015. Details will follow during the week

TSC 2015 Social Prog


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