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These local rules are raised in accordance with the 2015 rules for rated competition and are to be read in conjunction with those rules. However, some variation will occur as the TSC is a non rated competition.

Part 1  - Rules

1.1 Registration

Please send the attached form to the club before the competition. 

Registration will take place in the Control Office on Saturday the 22nd of August 2015. The Control Office will be open through the week as notified daily, and is located in the main club building.

1.2 Low Flying Rule

Approaches to the airfield from the North, Southeast and South are over public highways, pilots are requested to clear these roads by a minimum 50 feet. 

Additionally pilots are reminded to fly within the requirements of CAP 393 ANO Section 2 Rules of the air Article 5 (low flying rule) and CAP393 ANO Section 1 Article 74 which states “A person shall not recklessly or negligently cause or permit an aircraft to endanger any person or property”.

1.3 Airfield Boundaries

For scoring purposes the airfield boundary is as shown in the figure.

NOTE: Only prepared grass strips and hard runways are landable.

Aiirfield Boundaries

 1.4 Start Procedure

The start zone will be a 5 km radius semi circle centred on the BGA turnpoint POC (53 55.559N 000 47.687W), although it is possible to start straight off tow. The radio frequency for both start and finish will be 130.1.  Start heights will be relative to airfield QFE.  

1.5 Finish lines

The finish line is the Airfield boundary.


(A) 130 - (C) 310 True (B) 180 - (D) 360 True


1.6 Airspace

Competitors will receive a daily airspace briefing.

1.7 Flight Recorders.

Whilst we have the facility to download most types of flight recorders, please bring your own cables as back up for downloading.

Part 2 - Officials

Director:- John Norman, Others TBA

2.1 Stewards


  Part 3 - Domestic and Site information

3.1 Location


Please note that there has been a recent change to the layout of the A1079 at the Hodsow Lane junction. The entrance to the Club remains unchanged, but now requires you to leave the A1079 at the new roundabout signposted “Gliding Club” and Pocklington.


3.2 Trailer Parking

Trailers should be parked at the Northwest end of runway 31.

3.3 Camping and Caravans

Camping and caravans are in the areas shown with amenities.

Camping Caravans

3.4 Overnight Parking

Gliders may be parked overnight as shown but do not restrict access to the Fuel pump or hangar.

Overnight Parking

 3.5 Catering

Catering will be provided on site.

Breakfast will be available in the clubhouse.

Snacks and sandwiches will be available during the day.

Evening meals will be available in the clubhouse.

3.6 Self launching and sustaining motor gliders

This year the two seater comp will, once again, be allowing entries from self sustaining and motor gliders.

Self sustaining/launching motor gliders must carry a flight recorder having an additional facility for recording engine running time. This facility must be inaccessible to the pilot in flight, and must operate correctly however the engine is started and whatever position the various cockpit switches are in.

Self launching/sustaining motor gliders shall not use their engines to climb above the declared launch height.

Scoring flights with engine start detected shall be to the furthest point achieved minus 5 KM. An engine start must be recorded on the first flight before the start for scoring purposes.

A self launching motor glider may self retrieve after an out-landing with no penalty, however, if any T/P’s are claimed it must be proven that they were rounded prior to the outlanding.

If the pilots of a Self launching or sustaining motor glider wish to re run the engine after launch, they must land and wait 90 mins. before re launching for a re-start.


4.1 Tasks

a)  Weather permitting, a range of tasks will be set each day. Task selection is at the discretion of the Pilot and selection can be changed during the flight, pre-declaration is not necessary. Tasks will normally be around a closed circuit course with one or more turning points, but may be a remote goal either straight or via one or more control points.

b) Turning points must be rounded in a set order. A set outgoing bearing will be given for the purposes of the start line.

4.2 Additional Launches (Relights)

a) If a pilot wishes to be launched either after refusing the offer of a launch or after landing back at the airfield he must position his glider at the back of the grid or in a designated relight area as instructed by the grid Marshall.

b) However, where a pilot fails to be launched satisfactorily through no fault of himself or his crew, he must be offered an additional launch without delay.

c) A glider which lands outside the official boundary of the airfield, (except as a result of a failed launch through no fault of the pilot or his crew), shall be permitted a further contest launch. This launch will only be allowed one hour after the glider has been returned to the airfield and its return reported to Competition Control.

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